Leuven is European Sport City 2021

2021 is a special year for the Flemish Brabant city of Leuven. For the whole of this year the city best known for its university and its brewery is European Sport City. As well as many sporting events both large and small being planned for the coming 12 months, the city authorities also want to use Leuven’s year as European Sport City to get the population taking exercise. This can be by playing sport or simply by walking, jogging or cycling.

The City Alderman responsible for sport Johan Geleyns (Christian democrat) told VRT News “Currently 34% participate in sport at least once and this is a good figure. But we hope that in 2021 this will be given a further boost and the figures will increase still further”.

“During the year there will be a continuing flow of various activities in which people from Leuven will be encouraged to take part. We will use social media under the hashtag team Leuven to this end. Because the more you participate in sport the beter it is for your body and mind”, Mr Geleyns added.   

Among the sporting events due to take placet his year are the Brabant Arrow cycle race, the Leuven Night Run, the End of Year Corrida, The Belgian fencing championships and of cause the Cycling World Championships. 

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