Jonas Roosens

Police end lockdown parties in Antwerp

Police in Antwerp brought to an end three lockdown parties that were being held at various locations in the city on New Year’s Eve. At one of the parties in the Antwerp North area of the city on Thursday evening 25 people were in attendance. 15 and 36 people respectively were at the two other parties.

All three parties were being held in contravention of the rules designed to curb the spread of coronavirus. At the largest of the three parties the organisers had rented several rooms in the same building via Airbnb. Laughing gas was found at the party. All 36 people present will have to answer for their actions before a court.  

Elsewhere in Antwerp, four people were found to be in possession of fireworks. Two cars had their windows smashed in and fireworks thrown inside.

Meanwhile, the Mechelen-Willebroek (Antwerp Province) Local Police Service reports 35 breaches of the corona measures. These include a lockdown party with 6 people present and various people being caught on the streets with fireworks.

In Ghent (East Flanders) police report that there were a number of small lockdown parties with fewer than 10 people in attendance. 42 people were caught breaching the curfew. 

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