January sales get under way on Monday

This year those wishing to pick up a bargain at the January sales will have to wait until the first Monday of the month rather than the first Saturday as is traditionally the case. In order to avoid a rush to our High Streets and shopping malls with the eventual corona-related risks that this would pose it was decided that the 2021 January sales should get under way on Monday 4 January. Those that wish to will have four weeks to pick up a bargain and there certainly will be plenty of bargains to be had. 

Three-quarters of those that took part in a survey carried out by the retail federation NSZ said that they intend to start the sales with price reductions of at least 30%. 15% of respondents said that they planned to offer price reductions of 50% from the start of the sales.

Their aim is to shift as much stock as possible to make room for the spring and summer collection and also to get as much cash as possible into the tills after what has been a very difficult year for retailers.  

The majority of retailers surveyed expect to sell less during the forthcoming sales period than they did during the January sales last year.  However, it remains to be seen whether the sales here combined with the enforced closure of shops selling so-called “non-essential” goods in neighbouring will have an influence on turnover during sales.

During the next few days, it will become clear whether the sales in The Netherlands, France and Germany will be put back and this could have an influence on consumers here, especially in border areas.

Concerns about the coronavirus pandemic continue to fuel pessimism among retailers NSZ’s survey found that three-quarters of them fear that they will be forced to shut up shop again due to measures to curb the spread of the virus at some point in the future.

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