Fewer tourists at our coastal resorts during the Christmas holidays than was the case in 2019

The West Flemish Tourist Board Westtoer reports that fewer tourists took winter breaks at the coast during the 2020 Christmas and New Year holiday fortnight than was the case in 2019. Westtoer counted 1.25 million overnight stays at the coast during the past two weeks. This is down from 1.6 million during the Christmas holidays in 2019. 

Due to the measures that are currently in force to curb the spread of coronavirus, the lion’s share of visitors spending one of more nights at the coast did so in rented self-catering accommodation or at their second homes. 

This was true of 60% of overnight stays during the first week of the Christmas holidays, rising to 75% during the week between Christmas and New Year. An average of just 10% of the hotel rooms available at the coast were occupied during the two past weeks.  Westtoer also counted 600,000 day-trippers, down from 840,000 last year. 

West Flemish coastal resorts were well prepared to receive the tourists and an online tool is provided to enable people planning a visit to see in real time how busy it is in all of the towns and municipalities along our more than 60 kilometres of coast. 

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