PM says that it is still too soon to think about relaxing the coronavirus measures

The Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo (Flemish liberal) has said in an interview that although the figures relating to the coronavirus pandemic in Belgium are moving in the right direction it is still too early to consider relaxing the measures designed to curb the spread of the virus. Speaking on the commercial broadcaster VTM’s lunchtime television news, Mr De Croo said “I would like to be able to provide some hope but giving false hope would be worse”. 

During the past two weeks the number of people testing positive for coronavirus has fallen, as has the number of people being hospitalised and dying from the virus. This coming Friday (8 January) the Consultative Committee made up of representatives from Belgium’s federal, regional and language community governments will meet to review the measures that are already in force and decide if any additional measures need to be taken.  Although the figures in Belgium have been moving in the right direction, Mr De Croo says that there are still a couple of “points that need to be addressed".

The Prime Minister said that one of these is the British variant of the virus “This is something we need to be wary of. It is also more infectious among young people”.

The eventual impact of the return of people that have spent the festive season abroad in Red Zone countries is something we also need to be wary of Mr De Croo added.

Consequently, the Prime Minister won’t be heeding any requests for the measures to be relaxed just yet.

"If the figures continue to move in the right direction during the coming week then it would be logical that we would discuss relaxing the measures. Give us a few days, maybe another week to look at the figures”, the Prime Minister concluded. 

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