Virologist calls for more checks on people returning to Belgium by car

The Leuven University (KUL) virologist Professor Marc Van Ranst has told VRT News that the fall in the figures relating to the coronavirus pandemic in Belgium makes him cautiously optimistic. However, Professor Van Ranst admits that the figures are somewhat difficult to interpret. 

Speaking in the VRT’s lunchtime television news, Professor Van Ranst said, “We have had two weeks holiday and two public holidays during which fewer people have been tested”.

However, the most recent figures compare the first week of the Christmas and New Year holiday fortnight with the second “And we still see a fall, and this is good. The holidays have passed very well apart from a few incidents and this is reassuring”.

Professor Van Ranst is less at ease about people that are returning to Belgium from trips abroad. “If they get tested and quarantine it will be alright. However, a number of people aren’t doing so and this is dangerous. This shows a lack of public spirit”.

Professor Van Ranst believes that the checks that are being carried out at airports and international railway stations are working well. However, he feels that more could be done to check motorists entering or returning to Belgium by car. “On the roads this needs to be more than with just one car every ten minutes”, the virologist told VRT News. 

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