Peter Malaise

4-year-old Mathis rescues eagle owl

A Eurasian eagle owl can count its lucky stars after 4-year-old Mathis from Ronse (East Flanders) saved the bird from starvation.  The lad spotted the dishevelled-looking bird and alerted his parents who rang the animal welfare people. Together with a friend, father Bart managed to take the owl to the bird reception centre in Geraardsbergen (East Flanders) where it is now being cared for.

“We were walking in Kluisbergen on New Year’s Eve when Mathis noticed the bird” says father Bart.  “At first, I couldn’t believe it when my son shouted he had spotted an owl sitting on the grass.  Something looked really out of kilter and my wife suggested we contact animal welfare”.

“We were told to put the bird in a cardboard box and bring it to the bird sanctuary in Geraardsbergen.  That was more easily said than done.  The bird stood 50cm tall and we didn’t know how to deal with it.” 

“We called our friend Olivier, who knows more about birds.  “With his help, we managed to catch the bird and take it to the bird centre”.

“Naturalists told us the owl was emaciated, but had no broken bones.  They’re going to fatten it up and release it where we found it”.

Mathis’s family are looking forward to that day and hope they will be able to make it to the spot!

Peter Malaise

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