Bus pelted with stones and a petrol bomb

A bus operated by the Brussels public transport company MIVB has been pelted with stones and a petrol bomb in the Marollen area of Brussels. Although it occurred on Friday evening news of the incident first appeared on Sunday evening on the website of the daily ‘Het Laatste Nieuws’. The incident happened on the Blaesstraat, one of the two main streets in the Marollen area to the south of Brussels City Centre. The driver was in shock and was unable to continue his journey. 

The Molotov cocktail just missed the bus. However, the vehicle was hit by several stones. The driver drove his vehicle the couple of hundred metres to the Hallepoort bus stop before asking his passengers to alight from the bus.

Although no one was injured in the incident the bus driver suffered shock as a result on the attack on his vehicle. The Brussels police spokeswoman Ilse van de Keere told the Brussels regional news platform Bruzz that "For the moment no suspects have yet been detained". 

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