Corona latest: 146 hospitalised each day

There has been a further fall in corona figures.  The seven-day average shows 1,589 new cases each day.  That figure is down 27% on the week. Average hospitalisations and deaths too are lower.

The latest average for new cases was measured in the week to 31 December, when 30% fewer tests were carried out.  During this period on average 25,300 corona tests were performed. 7.2% of tests are coming back positive.

Figures for hospitalisations show the fall in hospitalisations has slowed down.  In the week to 3 January on average 146 patients a day were hospitalised.  The figure is down 9% on the week.

2,186 patients are currently being treated with Covid – the disease caused by coronavirus - in hospital. The figure is up 61 on the day.  467 patients (-13) are in critical care.  231 (+5) are on a ventilator.

The strong decrease in the number of deaths continues. In the week to 31 December on average 68 people with Covid died each day.  The figure is down 21% on the week.

19,701 people have died of confirmed or suspected Covid I Belgium.

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