Few pupils kept out of school due to red zone travel

Schools both in the official and in the independent schools’ networks report few pupils having to stay home because they need to quarantine after a foreign trip during the Christmas break. 

Pupils and teachers who have been abroad in zones designated “red” by the foreign ministry during the past week have been instructed not to attend school and to quarantine.  They can only return when they can produce a negative corona test.

Lieven Boeve of the independent schools network notes that only a handful of pupils are affected in each school: “Sometimes there are none, in other schools five or ten pupils and the odd teacher. Our impression is people have acted responsibly.”

It’s the same story in schools belonging to the official Flemish community education network where some pupils are having to stay absent after a positive result or a high-risk contact.  A limited number of pupils, who returned from red zone countries have been told to go home.

At some schools pupils are being quizzed about any travel during the break, but more often than not school heads are counting on parents acting in a responsible fashion. 

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