Jack Russel Thor saves 88-year-old owner’s life

A Jack Russel dog became the hero of the hour in the village of Oppuurs (Antwerp province) when his barking helped save the life of his 88-year-old owner Maurice. Maurice was taking his dog called Thor out for a walk when he fell in a dark alleyway. Maurice lay bleeding on the ground. Thankfully Thor came to the rescue. The dog broke his harness and ran barking loudly to alert a local resident to his master’s plight. Ludo Wauwmans told VRT Radio 2 Antwerp that “I was quietly watching TV when the agitated barking drew me outside”. 

Mr Wauwmans went on to say "On Friday evening I was sat watching television when I heard loud barking. It wasn’t normal barking or growling, it sounded panic-stricken. I ran outside and saw a little white dog has was constantly running to and from the alleyway. In the meantime, other neighbours had come outside but the dog continued barking and running back and forth. Then a neighbour said that she thought that there was a cat in the alley. It was pitch black. I went to look and saw someone bleeding on the ground”.

The injured person was 88-year-old Maurice. Thankfully he was able to respond. Mr Wauwmans helped him up and other neighbours called the emergency services. The pensioner was taken to the AZ Rivierenland hospital in Bornem for treatment.

"He really saved his master’s life. Maurice lay with hypothermia on the ground and Thor came to alert us. We later saw that he had broken free from the harness that was attached to his lead. How he managed that is mystery to all of us. Yesterday (Sunday) we heard that Maurice is making a good recovery and that he is able to talk again”, Mr Wauwmans told VRT Radio 2. 

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