Passengers packed in tightly at Brussels Airport

Scenes at Brussels Airport on Sunday evening are causing great consternation.  Snaps posted on social media show how passengers arriving back in Belgium were packed in closely together.  Social distancing was not observed, though everybody seems to be wearing a face covering.

Brussels Airport says the scenes show “peak times” at the airport.  It explains that the queues are the result of checks carried out by federal police guarding our borders and ensuring everybody has filled in his or her passenger locator form.

Commenting on Twitter virologist Marc Van Ranst says that scenes like these explain why scientists advise against foreign travel.  He asks the airport authorities and the police to act responsibly.

“Viruses love loads of people in indoor spaces.  Dear people, this is one of the reasons why we advise against foreign travel. Dear airport and police, you know how many people arrive on average at each moment.  With that knowledge this must be organised in a better way”.

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