44 inspectors to carry out quarantine checks in Brussels

The Brussels-Capital Region is to deploy 44 inspectors to check that people in the capital that have returned there from Red Zone areas are abiding by quarantine regulations.  Anyone returning from a country or area of a country that is coloured red on the coronavirus infection rate map is obliged to take a coronavirus test on their return. They are then obliged to quarantine for 7 days before taking a second test. 

The First Minister in the Brussels Regional Government Rudi Vervoort (Francophone socialist, photo above) wants the measures to be strictly enforced in order to prevent a resurgence in the number of coronavirus infections in the capital. The regional authorities, in this case the Brussels-Capital Region, are responsible for the enforcement of the quarantine rule.  

Speaking in an interview with the Francophone regional television station BX1, Mr Vervoort said “In Brussels around 40 inspectors have been deployed on the ground to check if the quarantine rule is being upheld”.

"We are asking everyone to act responsibly. This is a collective effort. The aim is not to impose fines, but to encourage people to uphold the measures”.

The Brussels Regional Health Minister Alain Maron (Francophone green) told journalists that around 250 contact tracers for the Brussels-Capital Region are employed in centres to follow up cases of confirmed infections and people that are obliged to quarantine. In addition to this 44 inspectors have been deployed to carry out checks on the ground.

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