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‘Homemates’ finds housemates for the over-50s

Think50 has just set up a project to help over-50s find a housemate.  The project entitled ‘Homemates’ targets people aged 50 or more who live alone.  Its aim is to allow singles to live together to cut costs and combat loneliness.

Cohousing, when you rent a property with others, is all the vogue among the young.  Homemates hopes to encourage older people to live together in the property that already belongs to one of the housemates.

Candidates are asked to fill in a questionnaire about norms and values as well as points of interest.  This allows Homemates to match people up and bring them together. Then it’s up to the people themselves to make their minds up!

Jean-Pierre Vyncke of Think50: “Say three people want to live together and they all have a property.  Then they have to decide in which house they wish to live. A living coach is appointed to help with all practical arrangements.”

Michèle Eeckhout is heading towards 60 and registered for the project.

“I’ve been trying to organise this on my own for a couple of year, but alone I haven’t managed”. 

Michèle’s been single for 5 years now and has had enough. 

“The most important thing is that our lifestyles match and we more or less have the same interests.  For me that’s music, culture and nature. I used to watch ‘Friends’ a lot and that looked great”. 

Jean-Pierre Vyncke says the project is ideal to share costs e.g. telecoms and internet.

“You can also share minor worries.  When somebody is ill, you can take care of them.  It makes you feel safer.”

Michèle adds: “Lots of people don’t want to grow old alone.  They go looking for a partner in love, but it need not necessarily be that kind of partner.”

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