A room with a view inside Steenokkerzeel Water Tower

Local man Ferdi Goovaerts (53) is the proud new owner of the disused water tower in the municipality of Steenokkerzeel, around 15 kilometres northeast of Brussels. He is delighted with his purchase and wants to allow others to enjoy the fantastic views that can be enjoyed from the tower. 

Mr Goovearts, who runs a drinks wholesaler, had a bargain with his purchase of the water tower that contains impressive living quarters at the top. He paid just 855,000 euro for the building despite the original asking price having been 1,750,000 euro.  

Mr Goovaerts has plans for his new property “Once events are allowed to take place again, we will organise them here. In the past that worked well, so why shouldn’t we continue?”

He also plans to do “something” for plane spotters and even to invite schools to visit the building. "I thought of inviting the 6th year pupils to come a couple of times a year to admire the fantastic view. Because I want to pass on that feeling of wow to people. This is why I am so pleased with my purchase”, Mr Goovaerts told VRT Radio 2. 

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