"Caution, cats are crossing”

A concerned cat owner from the village of Vissenaken, near Tienen in Flemish Brabant has installed a special traffic sign next to the road outside his daughter’s home. The sign warns motorists to drive carefully as cats might be crossing the road. The sign features a black silhouette of a cat on a white background surround by a red edge. It is like other warning signs telling motorists to watch out for deer, cattle or other animals that might be crossing the road. 

Herman Brants installed the sign after one of his daughter’s cats was run over and killed. Mr Brants is the proprietor of ECS Signalisatie, a company that makes road signs.

He told VRT Radio 2 Flemish Brabant that "The sign is now in my daughter’s front garden in the hope that motorists will drive more slowly and look out for cats crossing over”.

Since several walkers noticed the sign and put photographs of it on Facebook, Mr Brants has received enquires from people interested in ordering a sign to put in their own front garden. .

"Several cat owners have told me that they are interested in ordering a sign. An animal sanctuary has also ordered one". 

Mr Brants added that it is perfectly legal to put up a road in your front garden warning motorists that cats or any other kind of animals might be crossing.


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