Foto: Belga

Police officer found at New Year’s Eve lockdown party

A police officer discovered attending a lockdown party on New Year’s Eve will receive a 750-euro corona fine and will also be disciplined.  The officer attended a gathering of relatives together with his wife.  The party took place outdoors in the garden, but the number of people present violated corona restrictions.

It was in the Turnhout area of Antwerp Province that police found one of their own violating corona measures on New Year’s Eve.  Local police had 12 teams out and about checking observance with corona measures.  Three lockdown parties were halted in Beerse, Turnhout and Oud-Turnhout. It was at the gathering in Oud-Turnhout that officers encountered a colleague, who was visiting relatives.

Police had been alerted by one of the neighbours, who had noticed the noise.  Officers discovered a family gathering including 12 adults and 4 children.  The numbers present violated corona measures. 

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