Nicolas Maeterlinck

Covid latest: figures still lower

Fewer infections are being recorded, but the number of tests has been down during the holidays. Hospitalisations and deaths are both lower too.

In the week to 2 January on average 1,580 people tested positive for coronavirus each day.  The figure is down 13% on the week. The number of tests fell by 15% during this period.  In the week to 2 January on average 25,300 tests a day were carried out.  It’s possible that a number of infections remained undetected during this period that included the New Year’s holiday. 7.2% of tests are coming back positive.

So far there have been 652,735 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Belgium.

In the week to 5 January on average 132 people a day were hospitalised with Covid, the disease caused by coronavirus.  The figure is 16% down on the week.

2,141 patients are currently being treated for Covid in hospital.  The figure is down 86 on the day.  430 (-33) are in critical care with 255 (-10) on a ventilator.  148 patients were admitted yesterday, 228 were discharged.

The average daily number of Covid deaths continues to fall.  In the week to 2 January on average 67 people with Covid died each day.  The figure is down 16% on the week.  So far 19,827 people with confirmed or suspected Covid have died in Belgium.

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