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German bunker under Middelkerke casino!

A German bunker dating from the Second World War has been discovered on the site that will soon accommodate Middelkerke’s new casino.  The old casino building has been completely demolished and before the new one is erected on the same spot an archaeological examination of the site is under way.

Archaeologists hope to be able to examine the bunker that formed part of Nazi Germany’s Atlantic Wall more closely as early as this week.  Their focus is on discovering more about the daily life of front-line soldiers in this Flemish seaside resort during the war.

They hope to discover a second bunker in the vicinity as it is marked on old plans still in the possession of the local authorities.  It’s unclear whether this week’s discovery will have any impact on the building project.

Cabinet member for heritage Natacha Lejaeghere (right wing liberal): “That will depend on the historical value of the bunker.  Building might be delayed a little, but we have to wait and see.  We are positive and optimistic people and we are convinced the building on the new casino will go extremely smoothly!”

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