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Publican jailed for 3 months for serving a glass of beer

The landlord of the Gitan in Kessel-Lo (Flemish Brabant) has been sentenced to three months in jail and a 1,000-euro fine after he served a customer a glass of beer, while pubs are only allowed to open to supply take-away meals.

“This punishment is beyond all proportion” says Wim, who runs a pub-cum-restaurant.

“One evening last year my girlfriend and I are having a chat after a day serving take-aways.  A regular passes by and asks if he may step inside.  He gives me 100 euros as a show of support.  In gratitude I offer him a glass of beer. At that very moment the police appear.  One officer is understanding, but his younger colleague is unforgiving.”

“I refused to pay the fine and when it came to court I got 3 months, a fine plus 300 euros in legal costs.  I now intend to appeal and seek expert advice”.

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