Vaccination centre to open at the Heizel in Brussels

A first vaccination centre in the Brussels Region will open at the Heizel exhibition park in March.  First in the queue for a corona jab will be health care workers.

At the centre health care professionals including doctors, nurses and chemists will be immunised first. Thousands of people will be given the jab in only a month’s time.

“We’re establishing a pretty large vaccination centre” says Inge Neven of the Brussels health inspection service. “Twenty people will be processed at a time.  That means we can vaccinate 4,000 people a day.”

“The vaccination centre will be housed in one of the Heizel palaces (remnants of the 1958 World Fair). We’re currently discussing the final details to ensure everything goes smoothly.  Fortunately the Heizel is well-located.  It’s very accessible by public transport and there’s a lot of room to park.”

A second phase starts in April, when seniors who live at home as well as people with medical conditions that put them at risk will be immunised.  Mobile teams are planned too to administer the jab to people who can’t get around.

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