Woman jailed after hastening her husband’s death by psychological terror

A judge in Antwerp Province has sentenced a woman to 5 years in prison after she harassed her husband to such an extent that he committed suicide.  The woman was convicted of harassment and negligence.

The 69-year-old woman found her victim by placing a lonely-hearts ad in the newspaper.  The couple tied the knot within weeks of meeting and she proceeded to unleash a campaign of psychological terror on the poor fellow.  Three months after their wedding the woman’s 67-year-old husband committed suicide.

It was four years ago that the women placed her ad looking for a “dear” husband.  A gent from Kasterlee (Antwerp Province) responded.  From then on things went extremely fast.  Within the week the man had changed his will to leave all his possessions to his new girlfriend.  Weeks later they married.

Then the campaign of psychological terror commenced.  The man wasn’t allowed to do anything anymore and could hardly see his daughter.  At his wits end, three months on, he hanged himself in his garage.

The woman discovered her husband while he was still alive, but instead of calling the emergency services she removed his wedding ring.  After his death she insisted on taking possession of all his belongings. 

In addition to the 5 year sentence the woman also has to pay a 1,000 euro fine and forfeits all rights to the inheritance.  This was not the first time the woman had attempted to take control of an elderly gent’s life.  As there was a danger she might swiftly reoffend the judge ordered her immediate arrest.

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