Emergency numbers out of order during Thursday night

The three-digit telephone numbers used to contact the emergency services were out order during Thursday night. The issues with the 100, 101, 112 emergency numbers were caused by a technical fault at the telecommunications company Proximus. In some provinces those calling the emergency numbers got no reply. The fault came about after engineers from Proximus has carried out technical work.  

In Belgium the emergency services use the telephone network provided by the part state-owned telecommunications company Proximus. On Thursday night issues arose after engineers from Proximus had carried out technical work. The emergency services could not to contacted for several hours.

To make matters worse there were also issues with the BE-Alert system that should have sent those that subscribe to it a text message with details of telephone numbers with which they could contact the emergency services if necessary. A large number of people report receiving no such text despite being signed up to BE-Alert.

In a statement Proximus said that "The vast majority of our interventions pass without issues, but this time things when wrong during a planned intervention”.

Engineers worked through the night to fix the fault. Eventually at 6:30 am Proximus announced that the emergency numbers were back in use.

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