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Employees at Pfizer’s factory in Puurs will be vaccinated next week

All those that work at the factory where Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine is produced will be able to be vaccinated next week. The factory where the virus is produced is located at Puurs in Antwerp Province. Pfizer decided that staff at its Puurs plant should be offered the vaccine in order to ensure that production and distribution of the vaccine will not be hindered by workers at the factory becoming ill with coronavirus. Only those that work at the factory itself will be given the vaccine next week. 

Vaccinations using the Pfizer vaccine got under way in Belgium two weeks ago. First up in our country’s vaccination programme are care home residents. The decision to vaccinate them first was taken as they are the most vulnerable group and they run the greatest risk of serious illness or death if they become infected with COVID-19. 

From next month it will be the turn of health care professionals such as doctors and nurses in hospitals and GPs to get vaccinated.

However, so as to ensure that no one involved in the production and distribution of its vaccine becomes ill with COVID-19, Pfizer has decided that the 3,000 people that work at its site in Puurs will be offered the vaccine next week. Vaccination will be voluntary. 

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