Hospital staff and GPs to be vaccinated earlier than originally planned


The Flemish Health Minister Wouter Beke (Christian democrat, photo above) has told VRT News that now the EMA has approved the American biotech company Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine, general practitioners and hospital staff in our region will be able to be vaccinated sooner than was originally planned. 

The medical professionals will be given a coronavirus vaccine sometime next month. 

Speaking on Friday morning, Mr Beke told VRT News “We had already planned to vaccinate those in provision for other vulnerable groups such as for example handicapped people after the care homes. With the approval of the Moderna vaccine we are now able to start vaccinating hospital staff and frontline medical staff. Priority will be given to general practitioners”.

They will be given a first dose of the vaccine during February. “We will receive a total of 146,000 Moderna vaccines during January and February. In Flanders the ZNA Antwerp hospital will be used as the central hub for the distribution of the Moderna vaccine”, Mr Beke added. 

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