Carriage horses in Bruges putting on weight, those in Brussels losing muscle

Carriage horses in Bruges and Brussels are unemployed in times of corona. While those in Bruges are gaining kilos, those in Brussels are losing muscle.

Urban carriage horses in Bruges have been out of work since October last year. "A horse weighs between 500 and 600 kilos. I can say they gained about 10 percent extra weight. This means 50 kilos extra due to corona. Moreover, they are staying mostly in the stables because of the cold now, and hardly in the field. So they lack some exercise", the Bruges coachman Mark Wentein told Radio 2 West-Vlaanderen. 

The horses were put on a diet, but that didn't stop them from putting on extra kilos. Mark Wentein only expects the situation to improve as from March. 

A similar story, but still somewhat different, in Brussels. There, the horses are losing muscle strength. Coachman Thibaut Dentine told Radio 2 that they also stopped around mid-October. "I put my horses on a big field in Diegem. The main problem is not overweight, but the loss of muscle. My horses are normally beautiful, strong athletes, which work 2 or 3 days in the capital. Now, we have to wait until things improve. There are hardly any tourists in Brussels at present."

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