Limburg couple always sleeps in open air: "It's a pity it didn't snow last night"

Nadia and Tom from Heusden-Zolder sleep outdoors every night, with the help from a thick duvet and a roof above their heads. "We've given our bedroom to our daughter, so there's no way back", they told the VRT's regional radio station Radio 2 Limburg. 

Nadia Schepers and Tom Van Brecht are enjoying the fresh air. "We sleep better outdoors and we are completely ready to start the new day in the morning", says Nadia. 

The cold nights during winter don't seem to bother them. "You may think it's cold, but that's okay. We have an electric blanket: in the winter months, we put it on before we go to bed. But we don't need it during most of the year. (...) When it really gets cold, we wear a hat because you lose a lot of warmth through your head." It's a pity it didn't snow last night, Nadia adds. 

Now they have seen the benefits of sleeping outdoors, they don't want to return to their house, which means that the bedroom for the daughter is safe.  

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