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Car torched in Wilrijk, "it seems like the vandal was burning himself when he fled the scene"

A car was torched in Wilrijk (Antwerp) last night. The probable aggressor may have caught fire himself during the act, a video shows. This bizarre case is being investigated by the police and the judicial authorities. 

"My father was woken up around 5 in the morning", the car owner's daughter says. "He heard how the window of his car was smashed. The dogs were barking. I helped my dad when he tried to put out the fire." 

Neighbours managed to make a video that shows how the (possible) attacker got injured himself after setting fire to the vehicle. "We think that the assailant was on fire himself when he ran away." 

"We don't know why the car could have been torched. We have been living in this area for 30 years and never had problems. We think this is an act of hatred", the daughter continues. 

The police and the judicial authorities have started an investigation into this bizarre incident. There is no trace of the possible aggressor, who seems to have gone up in smoke.  

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