Corona update: more cases, but other indicators still improving: can we avoid a third wave? 

Taking into account the rolling average for seven days, we had 1,777 new infections each day (+11 percent), but the number of hospitalisations and fatalities is still going down. However, the latter indicators are always following the trend at a later stage. The big question is whether Belgium can avoid a third wave, and how big the impact will be if we have one.  

  • Between 31 December and 6 January, an average of 1,777 new infections were reported each day. This number is 11 percent up on the week, but experts underline that the number of Covid tests was 27 percent up. Many holiday makers had themselves tested after returning from a red zone, althought not everyone followed the rules: as much as 40 percent (about 26,000 people) ignored the obligation to take a Covid test. "A clear lack of citizenship", virologist Marc Van Ranst says. There are fears they will import new variants of the virus. 
  • Between 3 and 9 January, 135 Covid patients had to be taken to hospital each day. This number is still 9 percent down on the week, but it is higher than yesterday's week average of 130. Some are afraid a third wave may be coming; this will become clear in the next two weeks, when the impact of the reopening of the schools will also become clear. Marc Van Ranst hopes that, if the new wave can't be stopped, it will be significantly more moderate than the first two. 
  • The total number of corona patients in Belgian hospitals has dropped to 1,928 now. It is 66 down on the day. However, the number of those in intensive care (379) remains more or less stable. 205 patients are in a bad way and are on ventilators.  
  • The number of fatalities keeps going down. It is now at 58 per day on average, a drop of 15 percent on the week. However, this brings the total number of corona deaths in Belgium to 20,038. 

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