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2nd Belgian restaurant snaps up 3rd Michelin star

A second Belgian restaurant has been awarded a third Michelin star: Zilte, the Antwerp restaurant run by chef Viki Geunes.  In addition Hof van Cleve in Kruishoutem, run by chef Peter Goossens retains its three stars. Two restaurants receive a second star and ten eateries get their first star.

This year’s evaluation of restaurants was made more difficult due to the lockdown periods that lasted over six months.  Still it was executed with great care.

Selection director Werner Loens:

“We did have enough time because we started in November 2019 and could carry on till mid-March entirely in the usual manner. My colleagues and I took all our holidays during the lockdown periods. We gave our all in June, July, August and September and a little bit of October too. We visited two restaurants a day to guarantee the selection”

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