Foto: Belga

42 adults at lockdown party in rural Lille

Police in the Antwerp municipality of Lille halted a family gathering at which over 40 members of one extended family had congregated. 

It was a passer-by who alerted the local police to the party on Sunday around lunchtime. He had noticed a lot of toing and fro-ing at the premises and decided to call it in.  Police teams attended the scene in three vans and after a lot of ringing at the front door were finally admitted to the residence.  They encountered 42 adults and a number of children in various rooms in the house.  Several people were also in the garden.  Nobody was masked.

The police sent everybody except the residents home and issued charge sheets.

Lille Mayor Marleen Peeters is shocked: “There have been a number of lockdown parties in Turnhout.  You expect this kind of thing more in towns than in the country.  What shocked me most was the size of the group.  Forty adults is quite some number!”

All those present can look forward to a hefty fine. 

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