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7 Lithuanian lynxes being cared for at a Limburg reception centre

Staff at the Nature Reception Centre in the Limburg municipality of Oudsbergen are taking care of 7 Lithuanian lynxes that were being kept illegally in cages inside a barn. The animals were seized at the request of the Lithuanian authorities. 

The Nature Reception Centre’s Sil Janssen told VRT Radio 2 Limburg that the animals are like very large domestic cats. They are around 60 cm tall a weigh in at around 20 kilos. “They are beautiful animals”.

"We don’t know where exactly they came from because they had been kept in captivity for some time. There are both young and older animals in the group”.

Some of the lynxes are injured and are currently been given treatment. "One lynx has a broken paw, but it is still unclear whether this happened when it was trapped or if its paw was broken previously. Another animal has a wound on its jaw. They have all been seen by a vet.”

The animals were being kept by a private individual in a barn. "As is the case here this is illegal in Lithuania. The authorities there were aware that the lynxes were being held in captivity by were unable to find somewhere to take them and eventually they ended up with us”, Mr Janssen added.

The Oudsbergen Nature Reception Centre is now looking for a zoo where the lynxes can be given a new home.

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