Covid latest: new cases up, hospitalisations and deaths down

For the third day in a row the seven-day average shows an increase in the number of new coronavirus cases though testing has expanded.  Average daily deaths and hospitalisations are still lower.

In the week to 10 January on average 128 people with Covid, the disease caused by coronavirus, were hospitalised each day. The figure is 12% down on the week.  On Sunday 84 patients were admitted.  50 patients were discharged.

1,955 people are currently in hospital with Covid.  371 are in intensive care; 203 patients are on a ventilator.

In the week to 7 January on average 53 people with Covid died each day.  The figure is down over 23% on the week.

In the week to 7 January 1,816 new cases were recorded each day.  That figure is up 14% on the week. During the same period on average 35,300 tests a day were carried out.  The figure is up 39% on the week due to the ending of the Christmas break. 5.7% of tests are coming back positive.

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