Robby Scheelen

More than 50 sightings of Limburg wolf pack received last year

After a very long absence wolves now appear to be completely at home again in Limburg Province. Last year the “Welkom Wolf” (Welcome Wolf) organisation from the public received 50 reports of sightings of the Limburg wolf pack. On Sunday afternoon the Limburg wolves were photographed once again this time on farmland been two areas of woodland in which they live. 

All the reports quoted by Welkom Wolf are actual visual sightings of one or more of the wolves in or around their habitat since the start of last year. The figures don’t include reports of damage inflicted by wolves, photographs of paw prints or uncertain reports of sightings of wolves elsewhere in Limburg. Reported sightings of wandering wolves such as the wolf given the name Billy are also not included.

The relatively large number of sightings proves that the public are actually seeing the wolves going about their daily business.

Jan Loos of Welkom Wolf told VRT News that "This is logical because there are 5 of them now. Reports from the public are crucial to us being able to chart the behaviour and habits of the wolves outside the areas where there are wildlife cameras”.

Meanwhile, the roaming season for young adult wolves is getting under way. Mr Loos told VRT News that “Reports of wolves are possible in the rest of Flanders during the coming weeks and months as long-distance walker wolves cross the border from neighbouring countries or our own fully grown cubs get out and about”. 

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