Jasper Jacobs

Residents of 435 Flemish care homes to be vaccinated this week

The coronavirus vaccination campaign in Flemish care homes move up a gear this week with the residents in more than half of our region’s care homes to offered vaccination. Between now and the end of the week supplies of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine will be dispatched to 435 of the 820 care homes in Flanders. Around 45,000 residents in the homes will be given the opportunity to get their first vaccination against coronavirus


Last week coronavirus vaccines were dispatched to 42 care homes across Flanders. A total of 7,000 residents were vaccinated Joris Moonens of the Flemish Care and Health Agency told VRT News. 

However, the number of people that have been vaccinated could be higher (as many as 8,000) as often 6 rather than 5 doses of the vaccine are contained in the small bottles that it is delivered in. Any additional doses of the vaccines will have been given to care home staff. 

The vaccination campaign moves up a gear this week with a further 435 care homes being supplied with a total of 45,000 doses of the vaccines. Today (Monday) the residents of 60 Flemish care homes will be vaccinated, Mr Moonens told VRT News. From around 4pm on Monday the Flemish Care and Health Agency will publish a list stating which care homes will be issued with supplies of the vaccine when. The list will be updated each week.

In order for care homes to be issued with vaccines they must have remained free of coronavirus for at least two weeks. Last week the Flemish Health and Welfare Minister Wouter Beke (Christian democrat) said that by the end of the month all the residents and staff in Flemish care homes will have received their first vaccination against coronavirus.

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