Yente Thomas to become first Flemish teenager to be vaccinated

The 17-year-old works at a care home in Wachtebeke (East Flanders) and like all staff was offered the opportunity to get vaccinated against coronavirus.  Under Belgium’s vaccination schedule teenagers are not a priority and are more or less at the back of the queue to get vaccinated but an information session with a doctor convinced Yente to seize the opportunity.

Young people can only expect the jab next summer, while the vaccination of care home residents and their staff is under way.

Yente wasn’t expecting the offer and hesitated at first but when he weighed up pros and cons, he soon decided to go ahead. He’s studying health and well-being sciences at secondary school and did an internship at a care home last year. When he saw the acute need in care homes he decided to volunteer.  He soon found an opportunity at the care home in Wachtebeke where he is a logistics care worker.  That means he takes round the meals and makes the beds.

Yente will get his jab when the vaccines arrive but expects that to be as early as this week.


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