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4.4 million extra Pfizers by June

The Belgian health ministry has confirmed that Belgium will receive 7.5 extra Pfizer vaccines as part of a new European order for 300 million doses of the coronavirus vaccine.

4.4 million doses will be supplied in April, May and June.  The health ministry says the extra vaccines are good news, but remains cautious: “The present vaccine delivery strategy does not yet include them. The taskforce will now examine the precise impact of the extra vaccines”.

Belgium has high hopes of securing 15 million doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine that is produced in this country. 5 million doses had already been ordered.  An extra 7.5 million can now be added to this tally, but a further 100 million doses still need to be distributed across the EU.  Under the European distribution key Belgium can expect to receive 2.5 million doses.

15 million doses will be enough to protect 7.5 million people in Belgium against coronavirus as two doses are required.

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