Condoms dumped in Flemish Brabant field

The nature organisation Natuurpunt has discovered a large number of condoms that had been dumped on the Heibosveld, an area of meadowland in the village of Hoeleden, near Kortenaken in Flemish Brabant. The condoms were floating in a large quantity of liquid that had been tipped onto the field. It is believed that the liquid is the contents of a brothel’s septic tank that had been emptied out onto the field.   

The Heibosveld is an area of meadow that like many other areas of natural beauty in Flanders is managed by the not-for-profit group Natuurpunt. When members of Natuurpunt visited the field, they got more than they had bargained for. Rather than being able to enjoy the splendour of the flowers, insects, birds and plants that normally populate the meadow that has been lovingly maintained by the organisation for the past 20 years, they instead saw how a large area of the field had been covered with a sludgy liquid that was full of dozens of condoms.

Natuurpunt’s Jaak Geebelen told VRT News that “In order to maintain our fields we collaborate with local farmers. Unfortunately, something has been tipped on to one of the fields that shouldn’t have been tipped there. The plot was covered in a liquid containing a large number of condoms. It is clear that it was tipped there by a tractor as there are tractor tyre marks there”.   

A police investigation has been launched. It is possible that the contents of a brothel’s septic tank were emptied onto the field by a farm hand.  This should not have been done as such waste should be taken to a manure treatment company for processing.

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