Eco-friendly afternoon market in the heart of Brussels' European District from April

The city authorities in Brussels have announced that from April a weekly afternoon market will be held near to the Ambriorix Square in the heart of Brussels' European District. The new market will above all concentrate on offering locally produced food, organic food and strive for zero waste.  

The Brussels Alderman responsible for trade Fabian Maingain (Francophone federalist) told the Brussels regional news platform Bruzz that there was local demand for a market offering eco-friendly, locally produced goods. It is also hoped that the market will attract people into the area to shop.  

“Over the years a number of markets that were held in the European District have disappeared. Both residents and traders asked us to organise a new market. The intention was to start last year, but it was put back due to corona”.

The market will be held once a week between 11am and 7pm. It will take place on the Margaretasquare, just a stone’s throw away from numerous EU buildings. It is hoped that from its launch the market will have a least a dozen stalls. The City of Brussels has yet to announce on what day it will be help.

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