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“The jab will get us out!”

Flanders has launched its vaccination campaign against coronavirus. Everybody registered as living in Flanders will receive a personal invitation to get vaccinated against coronavirus.  The invitations will be dispatched by letter, text or email.

Speaking at the launch of the Flemish vaccination campaign PM Jan Jamon (nationalist) said the ambition was for everybody to get at least their first jab before next summer, but the Flemish leader warned that Flanders is reliant on the delivery of vaccines.

So far 34,500 Flemish people have been immunised in 112 of the region’s 827 care homes.  28,000 residents and 6,500 staff have been inoculated in line with the planning.

Vaccination centres will start working in March.  Up to 120 are planned.  Flemish health minister Beke (Christian democrat) says nobody will have to drive over 15 km to get the jab. On receipt of an invitation you will be able to book an appointment online or by phone.  People who fail to respond will be contacted again, but inoculation remains voluntary.

Mobile vaccination teams ae planned for the less mobile. People who face a challenge getting about will receive support.

The Flemish government is releasing 250,000 euros for every first line care zone. Flemish PM Jambon urges everybody to get the jab: “In your own interest, in that of friends and colleagues.  The jab will get us out!”

A vaccine counter will be launched as a motivational tool.  It will show how many vaccines have been delivered and how many people have had their first and second jabs.

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