Brussels Region looking for 350 staff for vaccination centres

Some ten vaccination centres will open across the Brussels Region soon.  The biggest centre is planned at the Heizel exhibition Park and will be accommodated in several Heizel palaces – remnants of the 1958 World Fair.  Many staff will be needed.

“Finding the necessary staff is a challenge” admits Inge Neven of the Brussels health inspection. “We gained a lot of experience setting up test centres. That will help.”

15 doctors to co-ordinate matters will be needed as well as 70 staff, doctors and nurses, able to administer vaccines.  “We need a lot of people to do the administrative work, to guide people arriving at the centre and for logistic support” says the corona crisis manager.

“We’re recruiting via the regular channels, via GP associations, hospitals, among independent nurses and schools.  For non-medical staff we will involve temping agencies in the recruitment. Volunteers are also welcome.  A tool is being developed to allow people to notify us when they are available to work at the centre.  We hope the third wave doesn’t surge as that could put pressure on people.  We hope it will stay under control so we can find the people.”

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