Valeria Mongelli / Hans Lucas

Fall in number of hospital admissions grinding to a halt

For the sixth day in a row more people have tested positive for coronavirus, though testing activity has increased significantly since the Christmas break.  However, the fall in the number of hospitalisations has slowed further.

In the week to 10 January on average 2,083 people a day tested positive for coronavirus.  The figure is up 28% on the week.  670,000 people have now tested positive for the virus in Belgium.

Over the same period on average 43,700 tests a day were carried out.  The figure is up 69% on the week.  5.4% of tests are coming back positive.

In the week to 13 January on average 125 people with Covid were hospitalised each day.  The figure is down 4% on the week compared to reductions of 6%, 9% and 12% in the previous days.

On Wednesday 144 people were hospitalised with Covid.  170 patients were discharged.

1,937 corona patients are currently in hospital.  360 are in critical care; 184 on a ventilator.

In the week to 10 January on average 53 people with Covid died each day.  That’s down 19% on the week. The death toll now stands at 20,250.

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