Xinhua/Photoshot. All rights reserved.

Flanders presses for mandatory quarantine for all UK travellers

Flemish health minister Beke (Christian democrat) is seeking stricter checks on everybody returning from the UK and the Republic of Ireland.  The checks would include an immediate mandatory corona test as well as mandatory quarantine.

Mr Beke says people who spent less than 48 hours in these countries too should be checked and that checks on rail passengers returning from the UK should also be stepped up.

The health minister will put the matter to colleagues at the consultative committee representing Belgium’s governments that decides all corona measures. A next meeting is planned for early next week.

Mr Beke told lawmakers: “The British variant is a worry to us all.  Checks should be carried out on airplanes but also on Eurostar services.  I’m calling for people to be tested immediately and to be quarantined even if they spend less than 48 hours in the UK or the Republic.”

Under the proposal business travellers would not be exempted from checks.

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