High Fens open to visitors again

The High Fens, an area of outstanding natural beauty in the East of Liège Province will be open to visitors again this weekend. During the Christmas holidays the area was confronted with a flood of tourists and the Governor of Liège Province decided to bar vehicles from outside the area from entering the High Fens. The bar on vehicles carrying visitors was in force last weekend and during the New Year weekend. Now the Governor has decided to lift the restrictions and allow visitors to enter the High Fens area by car again


The Drossart, Baraque Michel, Mont Rigi, Signal de Botrange and Peak Brewery car parks will be open to those wishing to park up before going for a bracing walk or cycle ride on the High Fens. 

The police will carry out each checks to ensure that visitor numbers don’t become too excessive. With snow forecast in Flanders and lowland areas of Wallonia this weekend it is likely that fewer people will make their way to the High Fens as they will be able to enjoy a winter wonderland closer to home. 

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