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Belgians in the US advised to stay out of danger during Joe Biden’s inauguration

The Belgian Consulate in New York has warned Belgians living there that from today there could be protests in the run-up to the inauguration of Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States. In a letter the contents of which form the basis of an article on the website of the daily ‘Het Laatste Nieuws’, the Consulate tells Belgians to be very careful and gives a number of safety tips. 

Belgians are advised to avoid demonstrations and places where the police or the National Guard are in action. Anyone that for whatever reason has to go to a place where there is unrest should preferably not do so alone.

The Consulate advises Belgians that accidently end up in a place where a demonstration is taking place to keep to the side of the crowd so as to prevent themselves from being seen as a demonstrator. They are advised not to run when leaving the scene of a demonstration as this could send out the wrong signal.

The letter that is signed by the Belgian Consul-General in New York Frank Geerkens goes on to say that that if there are issues with telephone or internet connections, people should use TV and radio to keep up to date with the situation.

“Keep your relatives abreast of your whereabouts and whether or not you are safe”, the letter concludes.

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