Coronavirus outbreaks on 4 non-COVID wards at Leuven university hospital

Several patients and staff on 4 non-COVID wards at Leuven University Hospital (UZ Leuven) have tested positive for coronavirus. New patients that were due to be treated on the wards have been transferred to other wards at the hospital as a temporary measure to prevent them becoming infected. The hospital is keen to stress that it is still able to offer all its patients the care they require. 

Currently 10% of all non-COVID wards at the hospital have coronavirus outbreaks. In all cases only a minority of patients on the wards tested positive for coronavirus. As soon as 2 or more patients on a given ward test positive for coronavirus the ward goes into “active outbreak mode”. This means that new admissions are halted temporarily. Patients that were due to be admitted to the wards are accommodated on other wards. UZ Leuven’s Chief Physician Geert Van Assche told VRT News that the hospital is still able to guarantee that all patients will be given the care they require.

Leuven University Hospital is also keen to stress that since last month it has been carrying on many more coronavirus tests than was previously the case. Due to the increase in the number of tests carried out more patients have been testing positive for coronavirus. Furthermore, as a teaching hospital UZ Leuven often has patients transferred to it from other, smaller hospitals. These patients sometimes only test positive for coronavirus several days after they have been transferred to Leuven. This could also have served to increase the number of positive tests.

All the patients that test positive for coronavirus are transferred to one of the hospital’s COVID wards.


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