New walkway at Federal Parliament inaugurated on Friday

The Speaker of the Federal Parliament Eliane Tillieux (Francophone socialist) officially opened a new walkway that links the Building that houses the chambers of the Chamber of Representatives and the Senate with the Forum Building in which a number of the Federal Parliament’s committee rooms are housed. The walkway that is raised above the road that separates the two buildings is contained in a circular work of art called the ‘Tondo’.

It is raised above the Leuvenseweg and links the first floor of the Parliament Building with the second floor of the Forum Building that hosts a number of select committees. 

The circular construction is encased in polished aluminium and was designed by the architects’ bureau Office Kersten Geers David Van Severen. The walkway cost around 1 million euro to build and work on its construction took two years.

The walkway is not accessible to the public. 

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