One ticket for all 4 public transport operators in and around Brussels

From 1 February a new ticket and season ticket will be launched that will allow its users to travel on all services operated by the regional public transport companies De Lijn, MIVB and TEC as well as rail services operated by NMBS. The ticket will be valid within Brussels and an 11.5km radius of the capital. As well as the 19 municipalities that make up the Brussels-Capital Region, the new ticket will be valid on all public transport in the Flemish Brabant municipalities that surround the capital such as Sint-Genesius-Rode, Hoeilaart, Tervuren, Zaventem, Vilvoorde, Dilbeek and Beersel. 

However, services to and from Brussels Airport at Zaventem are not included in the new (season) ticket. 

The one fits all ticket will make life easier for those that use public transport in and around Brussels and give them the freedom to choose the mode of public transport that is best for them without having to keep multi-journey tickets from two, three or even four different public transport operators in their purses or wallets. 

The idea is to encourage people in Brussels and those that live and/or work in the Flemish municipalities that surround the capital to make greater use of public transport. In December the Belgian rail operator NMBS launched its new transport plan. In the plan greater consideration has been given to connectivity with other modes of public transport that are provided by MIVB, De Lijn and TEC. Early morning and late evening services have also been increased.

Within the area covered by the Bupass XL zone, the are 52 railway stations and more than 2,800 bus, tram and metro stops. A 1 journey ticket within the Brupass XL Zone will cost 3 euro with 10-journey ticket costing 20 euro. The Brupass XL is also available as a monthly and annual season ticket.

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