Valeria Mongelli / Hans Lucas

Pfizer to supply 86,500 doses of its vaccine next week

Despite earlier reports that the biotech company Pfizer was to supply Belgium with just 60,000 doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech coronavirus vaccine next week, it has now emerged that Belgium will receive 86,500 doses of the vaccine during the next 7 days. This is just 7,000 less than was originally planned. The supply figures for the coming week have been confirmed by Pfizer and the task force that is responsible for the vaccination strategy in Belgium. 

On Friday the Federal Medicines Agency FAGG had said that next week Belgium would receive 60,000 doses of the vaccine rather than 100,000. However, it would now appear that 86,500 doses will be supplied during the coming week. 

This is down just 7,000 on the 93,500 doses originally agreed.This means that the vaccination of medical staff in the country’s hospitals will be able to go ahead as planned, albeit less quickly than had been hoped. 

In the press statement the Vaccination Task Force says that "In practice the reduction in the amount delivered will have no impact on the vaccination of the first target group, residents and staff in the care homes”. 

As regards the vaccination of health care professionals in the country’s hospitals, the reduction in the number of vaccines that will be supplied will only see a “limited reduction” in the number of people vaccinated during the coming week. 

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