55,000 Flemings have already been given coronavirus vaccine

From now on the public health science institute Sciensano will also be publishing figures on the number of people in Belgium that have already been vaccinated against coronavirus. As things stand the figures are for the number of people that have received the first of two doses of coronavirus vaccine. 

By midnight on Sunday 100,443 Belgians had received their first dose of coronavirus vaccine.

Of these, 9,215 were in the Brussels-Capital Region, 35,829 in Wallonia and 55,139 in Flanders.  

The figures include vaccinations up to and including Sunday 17 January. On Monday 18 January health care professionals were vaccinated for the first time. In addition to the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine, the Moderna coronavirus vaccine was used on Monday for the first time in Belgium. Staff at the ZNA Middelheim hospital in Antwerp were among the first in the country to be vaccinated with the Moderna vaccine.

Belgium officially launched its coronavirus vaccination campaign on Tuesday 5 January. The symbolic launch was in December when 96-year-old Jos Hermans (photo above) became the first Belgian to be vaccinated at a care home in Puurs (Antwerp Province). Puurs is the location of the Pfizer factory where the company’s coronavirus vaccine is produces. On Monday Mr Hermans was given his second dose of the vaccine.


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